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The key areas that underpin our beliefs are

  • Respect and understanding

  • Open Communication

  • Partnerships

  • Child-led programs that identify the value and importance of play

  • Inclusive

  • Sense of Belonging

  • Flexibility


Our services aim to provide quality care and education for children which compliments and supports the care within the family and home environment.

We believe in the value and benefits that come from quality childcare and education.

Within our services we believe that quality care encompassed a safe and caring environment, that is inclusive, respectful and sensitive towards each family’s culture, values and beliefs.

We believe the partnerships created between families and educators are an integral part in programming for the whole child as an individual learner.

Through play children construct meaning from their experiences. We believe play in early childhood is a creative process and through play that children learn new skills that symbolically represent their world. Early years learning framework (EYLF)



Each child’s needs and rights will be respected and they will be valued as an individual.

We will provide a warm, welcoming, safe and stimulating environment that provides for the emotional and physical well being of children.

We will promote children’s positive self-concepts and a sense of belonging. Through close, positive, reciprocal relationships children develop feelings of confidence and positive self-esteem. (EYLF)

We will provide opportunities for the children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

We will use primary care giving practices and the circle of security to build secure relationships.

We aim to provide flexible learning environments that will focus on the process of learning. We will provide play-based experiences and opportunities for children to:

  • Participate in planned and spontaneous experiences, intentional teaching and rich, quality learning environments

  • Express creativity and express their feelings

  • Develop problem solving skills

  • Grow independently and show personal responsibility

  • Have a balance between activity and rest

  • Develop local community awareness through excursions and visitors to the centre

  • Reach their individual potential

  • Connect with nature and experience natural materials and environments



Early childhood educators have important roles to play in the development of children’s play.

Through thoughtful and responsive approaches Educators can add to the richness, purpose and complexity of play to each child’s learning and development journey. (EYLF)

We believe children’s health and well being is vital to a child’s overall growth and development, therefore we as educators will create safe and hygienic environments, with nutritious food and drink options, actively involve children in physical activity as well as providing opportunities for rest, relaxation and sleep, provide positive role models and teach children about healthy eating habits and hygiene practices. (EYLF)

We believe our children should be in the care of Educators who:

  • Ensure the provision of quality care and education; providing a safe, healthy, nurturing environment for children.

  • Are warm, caring, responsive and display respect for each other, the service property and the environment.

  • Encourage children to understand and respect diversity and are sensitive to differing cultural backgrounds and provide a curriculum to build each child’s self-esteem and pride in their heritage.

  • Have an understanding of the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics and be advocates in the protection and wellbeing of children and be committed to ongoing professional development and current best practice.



We acknowledge families as the first and most important teachers in a child’s life.

We aim to support families and encourage open communication and feedback. We will work to build trusting relationships, encouraging parents to contribute and participate according to their needs, interests and opportunities.


A Committee of parents and staff oversee the management of our service.

The committee is responsible for the policies and philosophy of the service, support staff in their professional development and achieving best practice. In conjunction with the directors, manage funds, oversee curriculum and staff training and maintenance of premises and equipment.



Yawarra Children’s Services

Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics

Early Years Learning Framework Belonging, Being, Becoming

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